Water Recovery

In most cases, it is more difficult to dewater from the tailings than the product, which is due to the characteristics of the materials that make up the tailings; Therefore, manufacturers of dewatering and filtration equipment try to improve the quality of their equipment more and more and increase the efficiency of their equipment.

The most famous dewatering and filtration equipment are thickeners and various filters. In a beneficiation plant, these two groups of equipment recover water in two different stages. Choosing the right equipment for dewatering is essential because this process design and equipment selection should be in such a way that the set of equipment has the proper performance and the other is the most optimal choice in terms of initial investment and energy consumption.

In terms of function, filters are divided into two main categories, vacuum filters and pressure filters. The most common types of vacuum filters are vacuum belt filters, disc filters, and drum filters. The most common types of pressure filters are belt filter presses and filter presses.
The smaller particle size makes filtration difficult; causes equipment to be more expensive and increases energy consumption. For this reason, the design of the dewatering and filtration section and the sections before it must be done in coordination with each other. In the factories that were built in the past and do not have product or tail dewatering sections, a detailed study of the factory process should be done and the final design should be done based on the testing of samples taken from different parts of the factory.

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