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Electrical Engineering Division

A competent electrical engineer’s group with comprehensive knowledge of design, developing, consulting, purchasing and installation electrical equipment , focusing on economic, safe, reliable , good quality and sustainability. Our Electrical engineering group has a first-class experience in many projects consist of: 

  • Iron ore Concentrate Plants
  • Coal Washing Plants
  • Crushing Plants
  • Blain Increasing Plants
  • Pelletizing Plants
  • Copper Refinery & Concentrate plants
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Onshore Oil and Gas
  • Crude Oil Desalting plants
  • Crude Oil Production plants


All the design fundamentals are based on IEC, API, IEEE and BSI standards as well as the designing have been sized with electrical update software as follows:

  • ETAP
  • SAFT

Our group has a forward thinking, update data, and down to earth.



Electrical Engineering support Services for all aforementioned projects consist of:

  • Basic Engineering Endorsement
  • Detailed design Engineering
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Performance Engineering

All the required activities for electrical data within plants are in Electrical Engineering Department scope.

The key functions and relevant documentation can be listed as follows:

  • Electrical Design Criteria
  • Technical Specification and Data Sheet for all electrical apparatus in Safe and Explosion areas (e.g.:, Electrical Substations, HV/MV/LV Switchgears, Motors, Transformers, VSD panels, Power & Control Cables, Cable ways, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Diesel Generators, UPSs, Chargers, Earthing, Lightning, et cetera.)
  • Calculations and Sizing (e.g.:, HV/MV/LV Cables, Power & Distribution Transformers, UPS, Charger, Lightning, D.Gs, Motors, Short Circuits & Motor starting & Load Flow in electrical networks, et cetera.)
  • Single Line Diagram of HV/MV/LV & Lighting panels
  • Lighting Layouts
  • Lightening Layouts
  • Earthing Layouts
  • Cable route Layouts (On air, In duct, direct Buried, Cable Galleries, Cable Tunnel, Culverts, Manholes)
  • Fire alarm system, Navigation aids system fog horn and Navigation aids system Layout
  • Hazardous area classification Layouts
  • Telephone systems Layouts for Buildings and Areas
  • Private Automatic Branch Exchanger (PABX)
  • Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)
  • Intercom & Paging systems Layouts
  • PDMS modeling of power and controls cable Trays & Ladders
  • Procurement Engineering 

Technical Information for Inquiry and Material Take off (MTO) for electrical items and then Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE), Provision of Purchase Requisition and after all, Vendors Documents review, and checking are in the electrical department scope.


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  • +98 -21 -8891 -6330
  • +98 -21 -8891 -6330
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