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follow Iran faces an increasing energy demand that cannot be met by conventional energy sources only.

Гашиш в ассортименте Москва Обручевский  Renewable Energy is an economic option when compared with the generation costs of conventional energy. Furthermore, the country has great solar and wind energy potential that can be used. Hence, the main objective of ENABLING PV and Wind power plants is to contribute to the sustainable deployment of renewable energies in Iran. Moreover it is planned for 5% of the national generation of electricity to be from renewable sources.

Москва Чертаново Центральное RoNaK due to above reasons decided to takes a considerable role in these fields of business and therefore received his first license for establishing a 7 MW power plant.

Абакан Based on our good relation with reputable suppliers of PV solar and Wind Turbine manufacturers, we are ready to support the below parties with our services from Engineering to EPC and project development activities.

  • Foreign and Local investor in PV solar power plants
  • Foreign and Local investor in Wind power plants
  • EPC contractors for local construction Scope of activities:

  • Project Development
  • Consultancy
  • EPC & Turnkey projects
  • Engineering and Procurement (EP)
  • Engineering & Procurement via reliable international companies
  • Construction
  • Project management and management contract (MC) Renewable Energy

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