Mineral processing and mining Industrial Plants

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enter RoNaK Engineering Company provides innovative solutions for industrial mining and mineral processing projects in Iran.

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https://muliasned.ru/novotroitsk.html We are active in several divisions of mineral processing:

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  • Iron Ore Beneficiation, Enrichment & Concentrate plants
  • Copper Refinery & Concentrate plants
  • Beneficiation and Extraction of base metals (Lead, Zinc, … )
  • Beneficiation and Extraction of precious metals (Gold, Silver, … )
  • Coal washing plants
  • Mineral salt processing (Different types of industrial salts)
  • Beneficiation and polarize industrial mineral plants (Silica, Kaolinite, Bentonite, Barite, … )
  • Material Handling Systems (bulk and slurry)
  • Crushing Plants
  • Regrinding & Blain Increasing Plants
  • Concentrate De-watering (Thickening, Filtration, Drying, …)
  • Tail De-Watering
  • Train and Truck Loading Systems
  • Pelletizing plants,
  • SL/RN plants and Tunnel Kilns for Sponge Iron production
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