History And Capabilities

RoNak Engineering Company

Despite founded in Feb. 2013, Based on expertise and experiences of RoNaK managers, the management team has strong background and history in different Industrial fields. We have focused on some industrial aspects in different scopes of engineering, procurement, construction, project management and management contract (MC) :

  • Mineral processing and mining industrial projects
  • Flue Gas Treatment (FGT)
  • Renewable Energies ( PV power plants, wing Power plants, … )
  • Waste to Energy (WtE) and Biomass power plants
  • Supply services for different industrial plant

According to this approach, RoNaK Co. dealing with different projects and for example in mining and mineral processing sections which can be listed as Iron Ore Concentrate Plants, Pelletizing Plants, SL/RN Plants, Crushing Plants, Regrinding and Blain Increasing Plants, Coal Washing Plant, Copper Beneficiation Plant, Material Handling Systems (bulk and slurry), Train and Truck Loading Systems, Tail De-Watering of Iron Ore and Copper Beneficiation Plants and also is going to expand its market to other mining industrial projects such as Gold Processing, Zinc & Lead Processing and Rare Earth Elements Processing.

RoNaK is going to expand its market in Environmental Protection Projects as listed above too.

We can list capabilities and special knowledge of RoNaK in mineral processing & Environmental protections projects of this industry as follows:

  • Implementation of Iron ore concentrate plants: crushing, raw material stacking, reclaiming and handling, grinding, magnetic separation, floatation, filtration, thickening, concentrate stockpiling, tailing handling and tailing dam).
  • Implementation of Iron ore concentrate tailing recovery plants: slurry making, magnetic separation, concentrate de-watering, thickening and tailing handling).
  • Implementation of tailing de-watering unit: filtration, distribution of recovered water and tailing handling)
  • Implementation of Iron ore concentrate blain increasing units.
  • Detail design, improvement and development of pelletizing plants.
  • Implementation of Copper ore processing plants: crushing, raw material stacking, reclaiming and handling, grinding, floatation, and copper refinery plants.
  • Implementation of coal washing plants: feeding, dry screening, heavy media coarse separation, heavy media fine separation, gravity separation, flotation, concentrate de-watering, thickening, concentrate stockpiling and tailing handling.
  • Implementation of material handling systems including belt conveyors, belt feeders, fixed equipment, and transfer towers and ...
  • Implementation of train and truck loading /unloading mechanized systems.
  • Design and producing some mining industrial machines and equipment such as belt conveyors, vibratory equipment, fixed equipment and ...).
  • Technical consulting services in mining industrial projects (Iron ore concentrate, pelletizing and coal washing) from feasibility studies and business plan assessment to execution and supervision on performing EPC contracts
  • Project management and management contract (MC) services in mining industrial projects.
  • No.6, 10th Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi Ave, Motehari St., Tehran, Iran
  • +98 -21 -8891 -6330
  • +98 -21 -8891 -6330
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