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Mechanic and Material Handling Division

Mechanic and Material Handling division provide reliable and efficient design for a broad range of equipment applied in mines and mineral processing plants.

  • Belt Conveyors commonly used to convey bulk materials between different equipment and areas of a mine or a plant. Different belt conveyors have been designed by our design group, from 10 to 4400 meters long, 500 to 2000 millimeters wide, up to 2240 kW driving power, with horizontal and vertical curves. Basic design has accomplished according to CEMA, DIN or ISO methods depend on client’s requirements. Also, dynamic analysis provide for long belt conveyors. Sufficient stress analysis methods are used for detail design of the parts.

Belt conveyors are essential. Therefore, screw conveyor, air slide and bucket elevators are designed by our group.

  • Belt Feeders are usually considered as a kind of belt conveyor but special designs considered by installation of load cells a weigh belt feeder will be created. 

Weigh Belt Feeder

  • Plough Scrapers:

Automatically actuated plough scrapers are used to discharge material from belt conveyor to the midway. Different types of plough scrapers with different actuating mechanisms have been accomplished by our group.


Plough Scraper

  • Storage Bins:

Concrete and steel storage bins have been designed according to standard loading methods using finite element stress analysis.

Figure 9- Surge Bin


Storage Bunker

  • Discharge Valves:

Various kinds of valves have been designed for discharging bulk materials from bins and hoppers, such as, rotary valve, slide Gate, mushroom valve and flap valve.


Mushroom Valve


Flap Valve

Slide gate

  • Splitter Chute:

Different splitting mechanisms have been used to divide a bulk material stream into two or three ways. Many of such splitting chutes have been designed aiding stress analysis methods.



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