Piping and Utility Division

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Our piping and utility division will provide efficient service and solutions based on  experience and latest technical knowledge and standards such as design, purchase and construction supervision.


Software which used in this department listed as below:

  • - PDMS
  • - Career
  • - Hourly Analysis
  • - CAESAR
  • -Pipenet


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Documents which are prepared in piping and utility division in basic and detail design phase are provided in two separate lists as follow:

Магадан купить закладку марихуаны [Amnesia Haze] Key Functions of Piping and Utility Division

  • Prepare P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) according to PFD and mass balance.
  • Cooperation in installation location of equipment such as: Pumps, Tanks, Cooling Tower, Air Compressor and …
  • Specify tanks and sumps specification.
  • Determine slurry and water pumps specification.
  • Determine type of valves and their specification.
  • Pipe sizing, stress analysis and design pipe routing according to technical knowledge and standards.
  • Checking piping components, valves, HVAH equipment, pumps, firefighting system and related equipment’s technical proposals.
  • Support Procurement department.
  • Modeling all equipment, structures and pipes in detail by PDMS software for design review and verification.


Sample of Pipe Routing Drawing


Sample of Pipe Routing Drawing

Sample of Pipe Routing Drawing

3D View of a Coal Washing Plant 

3D View of a Iron Beneficiation Plant

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